Our Story

About Us

Cafe Carlo is a friendly, unpretentious Canadian bistro located in Winnipeg’s Little Italy neighborhood. Cafe Carlo’s warm, comfortable atmosphere has been a staple in Winnipeg’s dining scene since it was established in 1989, and continues to be considered among the city’s best restaurants. The atmosphere and décor have evolved from the restaurant’s humble, “rummage sale chic” beginnings. The owners and employees believed that a great restaurant simply was meant to be “about the food”. The passion of the very first employees and their love of food and drink remain intact to this day. We want to share the foods and beverages we love, that the world loves, with each of our guests.

Cafe Carlo’s menus have always looked to the world’s favorite dishes, and by putting its unique stamp on it creates an experience to be craved. We feature “real cooking”, from scratch, made in-house from quality ingredients in order to achieve dishes that exhibit a sumptuous comfort and satisfy your craving. As a nod to its roots, a significant component of the menu is the pastas, complemented by a variety of small plates, soups, salads, meats, seafood and desserts that feature bold, full flavors. As an enhancement to the long-standing favorites, daily specials keep the menu fresh and exciting.

This approach extends to our beverages, which are equally well considered, as we believe in the value and joy of a good drink. The cocktails are crafted with only the finest components and infused with creativity. The award-winning wine, beer and liqueur list is developed and chosen in-house and is represented by some of the finest producers worldwide.

Cafe Carlo’s service philosophy is the accompaniment to strong kitchen fundamentals, and is always open-minded and conscientious to our guests’ needs. We believe that service starts in the kitchen, and the professionalism of our chefs and cooks enables the servers to provide our guests with a consistent, quality experience. Unique in our approach, each server is empowered to do what it takes to ensure the best possible experience. We believe our guests are second to none, always ready to enjoy and appreciate; they seem willing to participate in their own happiness. This energetic vibe donated by our guests is often visible from shift to shift.